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Reduce Maintenance with a System Without Moving Parts Downhole


  • High efficiency due to fluid path design
  • Easy retrieval with forward and reverse modes of operation
  • Ability to customize the jet pump design to fit your well profile for easy implementation


Jet Pump

Our unique design and manufacturing process result in best-in-class lift performance. Plus, you have the flexibility to place this system in the well where other forms of artificial lift can't operate.


Diaphragm Pump

The seal-less, packing-free design ensures minimal servicing with no unscheduled maintenance and efficiencies greater than 90%.


Optimization Software

Our algorithms and multiple-scenarios plotting enable quicker, easier well optimization.

"We replaced the rod pump with a JJ Tech ULTRA-FLOW system consisting of a downhole jet pump that has no moving parts and a HydraCell™ diaphragm surface pump mounted in compact fashion on a production skid.

We needed the well to produce 250 bbls/day of fluid and maintain the same oil production rate. We were pleased to see that this system increased fluid production by 20%, to 300 bbls/day, while maintaining the same oil cut. The jet pump operated without any downhole maintenance three years. Our operational cost has been greatly reduced, and this well continues to operate profitably to this day."

Mickey Berg,
Partner, Philberg Oil Company